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Its been a long day and i am so tired but i still have a lot of house cleaning to do Grandma is coming over today to take baby out with her, which will free me some time to relax and work on the things i've been holding off on. I miss this journal and when i read what i wrote once long ago i relize how much i've changed. I'm completely different from whom i used to be. It's good, but its sad that I cannot for the life of me understand what i was thinking back then...haha.

My guy's teeth hurt him, he's been doing better though. And he looks so sexy wearing his black shirt and hot man-jeans. Also his eyes are extra sparkly today and he looks very happy to see me.

*takes sip of her coffee* SIGHHHHHHHHH I love coffee...
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I killed some of you off my friend list. Don't take offense, it is just that you're not awesome enough.

Keep cool my babies keep cool~